[Milano] Caffe Milano II

Again i have reviewed this Caffe in my last trip to Milano last April.. Click here to check it their Cappuccino is highly recommended.. but again .. it served almost cold .. ask for a HOT cappuccino it was 12 something PM and i didn’t eat my breakfast .. so when i asked for an omelet the waiter apologized because it is not a breakfast … Continue reading [Milano] Caffe Milano II

[Milano] Royal Restaurant

I have reviewed this restaurant last April click here سبق و كتبت عن هالمطعم شهر ابريل الماضي … pizza margretta بيتزا مارقريتا ..  so yummyلذييذة Pasta with beef sauce .. i didn’t taste it but they said it was yummy باستا بصلصلة اللحم .. ما جربتها بس قالولي حلوة grilled chicken with grilled vegetables … also was good دجاج مشوي مع خضار .. كان لذيذ … Continue reading [Milano] Royal Restaurant

[Milano] Indian restaurant – Sarla

من الصعب ان تجد مطعم هندي في ميلانو على خلاف لندن و دبي .. فلقد بحثنا في موقع تريب ادفايزر عن المطاعم الهندية الجيدة في ميلان و ووجدنا هذا .. من الجيد ان يكون لديك هاتف مزود ببرنامج جووجل ماب ليقودك الى المطعم او المكان الذي تحتاج الوصول اليه… في المرة الأولى ذهبنا الى هذا المطعم يوم الأحد .. و سألونا عن الحجز . طبعا … Continue reading [Milano] Indian restaurant – Sarla

[Milano] Hotel Sapadari – Duomo

Bongiorno from Milano … this is the hotel we stayed at .. its very nice, cosy, in the centre, the breakfast included, Free Wifi, good price, good house keeping, and everything in the fridge is for FREE .. cola and water , and best of all they check us in very early  .. we arrived at 10 am and gave us the room .. 🙂 some rooms has shower … Continue reading [Milano] Hotel Sapadari – Duomo

Dolce & Gabbana [FAV designer]

I lately found out that Dolce & Gabbana is my ultimate favourite designer brand EVER… everything and anything that they design it catches my eyes .. even if its mix colours that hmmmm maybe didn’t think to accept before .. but Dolce & Gabbana make it beautiful *weird* .. recently with the whole theme of Italian traditional family i think its mostly inspired by the … Continue reading Dolce & Gabbana [FAV designer]

[product review]Shu Uemura purifier & more

I got this Japanese brand products from Milano last Spring .. exactly from Renicante in Alduomo Area .. unfortunately we don’t have this brand in Dubai … but wait .. i guess they have brought in some stores exclusively … which store? i don’t know yet .. Product# 1: Skin Purifier This is magical .. you only have to put a little of the liquid in ur … Continue reading [product review]Shu Uemura purifier & more

FC Internazionale (InterMilan) part 4 & Last

Some random photos for the matches inter milan vs marseille 13/March/2012 in UEFA champions league inter milan vs atalanta 18/March/2012 in the Calcio Serie A و أخيرا نزلت كل صور رحلة إيطاليا .. خذت مني تقريبا 3 شهور .. بس ان شاء الله المرات القادمة بنزلهم اسرع من هالمره ان شاء الله اعجبتكم … Finally i’m done with allllllll Italy trip photos .. 😀 *phew* … Continue reading FC Internazionale (InterMilan) part 4 & Last

FC Internazionale (Inter Milan) part 2

في نفس يوم مباراة الانتر مع مارسيليا الفرنسي كانو مشجعين مارسيليا الي تقريبا كانو جزائريين مسوين اجواء جميلة في الفيتوريو .. صورتهم بالفيديو in the same day of the match with French marcillia .. their fan was making some shows in the vitturio area .. i think they were Algerians .. the Champion league theme تبون تشوفون المذيع الي يقول أسامي اللعيبة ؟ do you … Continue reading FC Internazionale (Inter Milan) part 2