[Learning] baby massage course in Dubai

Baby massage

Future Kids and Health Bay Polyclinic offer baby massage course
Monthly massage courses for parent and child

Dubai, Wednesday 10th September 2014: Future Kids, which brought whole
brain training to the UAE, now offers monthly baby massage courses, which are
conducted by qualified midwives from Health Bay Polyclinic.
Baby massage is highly recommended by health experts as it helps mental,
physical and social development, and contributes to better sleep and relaxation.
Babies and toddlers can get stressed that they cannot communicate and
massage can also help alleviate this stress.
The courses run every month and each course lasts for four weeks. Every
session lasts for around one hour and a new area of the body is practised each
time, with the aim that by the 4th session parents are able to do the whole body
routine themselves.
Future Kids provide massage oils, hand-outs at the end of each class, and
advise that the best time to start the classes is once your baby is six weeks or
over. Massage is not advisable for any baby that is ill or has had vaccinations in
the past 48 hours.
Courses run on a monthly schedule as follows:
• 9.30am on Monday 15th September
• 9.30am on Monday 13th October
• 9.30a, on Monday 11th November
Price for the monthly course is 800 AED.
For further information or to book call: +971 567085658 or email





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