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[Eat Out] Mizu – Japanese

After keep watching several photos posted through ppl on Instagram about this Restaurant and especially the volcano rolls i decided to go and try … and I fall in love with it .. i went again in a less than a week ..

the restaurant located in Shaikh Mohamed bin Rashid BLVRD near to Dubai mall, if you are using your own car park your car in “Car park 2” and find “Stair 8”, use the elevator to the level 1 and the restaurant will be on your left hand side.. the weather these days is very nice and they have tables outside. Enjoy the food photos and review.



Katsu Curry, its just a normal Curry plate, like any normal “salona” that cooked in our local houses lol .. but this dish is good for those who doesn’t like Sushi or Japanese food and forced by their friends to go …. i like the variety of the food its not only sushi, bento or sashemi, they have many other dishes that will satisfy non-japanese-food-lovers 🙂

The Very famous volcano sushi rolls, I loved it alot, even the dynamite sauce on the top is so yummy but a bit heavy dish.

mizu4Crunshy Spicy rolls, this is so Good, even better than the volcano because its lighter, i loved this more.. 

Those 2 appetizers for Non-sushi-type-people, shrimps tempura and potato with beef fried balls (Korokke), actually the potato balls are very good and yummy, but the tempura is so dull, I think Thai Tempura is much better than the Japanese ones although its originally not Thai, but the seasoning and the coating of the Thai Tempura is much better.

Korokke againmizu8

shrimp pop corn Rolls, good but not better than the crispy spicy or the volcano

Gomuko Ramen, hmmm its nice to try new dishes, but i didn’t really like this type of noodle soup, its actually a mix seafood and some of vegetables, cooked in a salted water and served with ramen, my sister ordered Ramen too but with pieces of chicken tandoori I didn’t taste it but she said it was good (chicken Chasu men)mizu10

sizzling brownies, they bring this HOT sizzling pot with a piece of brownie topped with a scoop of ice cream, and the waiter pour the melted chocolate over it so it boil in front of you…. the presentation is good and tempting but after you eat it you taste the burning in your mouth.


my first time to taste this Edamame and i loved the topping .. they have it either salted or with spicy sauce, i chose spicy as usual  and it was so good..mizu13green tea mojito…and i don’t remember the other cocktail’s name..


Opening hours: 12 Noon to 12 Midnight (Mon-Wed, Sat-Sun), 10 AM to 1 AM (Thu-Fri)

Cost: Dhs. 250 for two people (approx.)

PHONE: 04 4542706
ADDRESS: Emaar Boulevard, Downtown Burj Khalifa Area, Dubai

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