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[Eat Out] PF Changs @ Mirdif City Center

اكتشفت للتو انني لم اكتب عن هذا المطعم على الرغم المرات الغير معدودة التي أكلت فيه و على الرغم من شهرته الكبيرة

I just found out that i have never reviewed this restaurant despite of his publicity and the countless times i have eaten there.

P. F. Chang’s, America’s favorite China Bistro, was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1993 by Paul Fleming. The restaurant serves an American Chinese cuisine from a menu originally conceived and planned by Chef Philip Chiang.

mojito and strawberry cooktail


هذا اهم طبق مقبلات في هذا المطعم .. ربيان الداينمايت .. و سمي كذلك لشدة حرارته  ..  نادرا ما تخلو طاولة منه

the most important appetizer in this restaurant, Dynamite shrimps, very spicy and you will see it on almost all the tables.

spicy lamb

was good but the flavor of cumin was very strong .. كان جيد و لكن نكهة الكمون كانت قوية جدا

rice noodles with beef

delicious لذيذ

Singapore street rice noodles with chicken

and this dish was good too و هذا الطبق كان لذيذ أيضا

Locations in the UAE : Dubai mall, Mall of the Emirates, Mirdif City Center

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