Canvas Collective with Mohamed Saeed Hareb and Samsung Galaxy

is a project by Samsung Galaxy Note in collaboration with Mohammed Saeed Harib – the creator of the 3D animated series, FREEJ – to support and promote local creativity by encouraging various forms of creative expressions in art and design across the region.

Using t-shirts as the canvas and Galaxy Note devices as the creative tools, selected artists from the region will showcase their works on limited edition t-shirts, with the proceeds of the sales going to a local charity – SocialBandage.

Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Note II are the integral tools of creation, which will shape and transform our artists’ inspirations into reality, designs into works of art.

SocialBandage, a local charity in the UAE, is canvas:collective’s nominated charity. Proceeds of the t-shirt sales will go to providing specially designed wheelchairs for children with disabilities in Kenya.

samsung canvas

samsung canvas eni like this ..

creative tool

the T-shirts collection is so cute and creative .. you choose if u want it for male or female , the colours and if you want to add kharaz (crystals) loved those 2 ..

stkanat chai

جيل الطيبين


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