Italy Milano

[product review]Shu Uemura purifier & more

I got this Japanese brand products from Milano last Spring .. exactly from Renicante in Alduomo Area .. unfortunately we don’t have this brand in Dubai … but wait .. i guess they have brought in some stores exclusively … which store? i don’t know yet ..

Product# 1: Skin Purifier

This is magical .. you only have to put a little of the liquid in ur hand and rub it all of over your face with make up (even with eyeshadow) then rinse it with water.. and your face is clean..

it clarifies the pores ..

and these are the steps illustrated

I love it because i don’t wear too much make up so it clean it instantly .. but with heavier make up i guess you will need to clean with the make up remover tissues or liquid.

product#2: Moisturizing cream

shu uemura

skin care

This Moisturizer was given as a sample but i loved it alot and putting it in my wish list for next trip to Milano.

very light and moisty

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