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Dolce & Gabbana [FAV designer]

I lately found out that Dolce & Gabbana is my ultimate favourite designer brand EVER… everything and anything that they design it catches my eyes .. even if its mix colours that hmmmm maybe didn’t think to accept before .. but Dolce & Gabbana make it beautiful *weird* ..

recently with the whole theme of Italian traditional family i think its mostly inspired by the middle east – Mediterranean culture … the lace , the Velvet.. the multi colours beads, the paillette, the brocade, gypsy style … ohh i love all these details ..  and yah ! most and most i love the leopard pattern that is their signature pattern..

check my selections from Net-A-Porter

Pointed brocade slingbacks , click to buy

Strapless velvet dress – click to buy

Lace gown – click to buy

Paillette-embellished crocheted frame clutch – click to buy

Miss Sicily macramé and lace-appliqué tote – click to buy

Printed patent-leather iPad sleeve – click to buy

ONE IMPORTANT TIP: if you are travelling to Milano keep ur Dolce and gabbana purchaseing from there … the price is way way less than any other part of the world .. plus the tax refund for us GCC residents is like OMG too much less … i bought a miss sicilly bag with leopard print last spring and it was only for around 4400 Dhs (USD=3.68 Dhs) and also Prada btw .. maybe u will save like 1500-2000 Dhs in some of the bags and around 400 Dhs in shoes ..

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