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[Eat out] The Noodles Factory – Dubai Mall

last weekend we went to Dubai mall to have a lanch in The Cheesecake Factory .. but unfortunatly we found it FULL !! and queue of ppl waiting for their tables… i would have waited but my group was starving lol so decided to get into the nearest Factory .. lol i mean resturant …i love the noodels factory .. used to dine in the one in the Arabian Center and once tried the Marina mall branch when i was living there..

The best seafood wunton EVER!!

vegeterian spring rolls … yummy too

and my Asian food never completed without Tom yum soup …SO SO YUMMY

My dish .. Korean Beef noodles … i loved it .. but hmm if only wasn’t a soup XD

Long time didn’t use chopsticks … fork was better 😛

singapore noodels with seafood .. my hubby’s selection .. creamy and yummy

Pad Thai noodels for my sis-in-law.. mmmm didn’t taste it but she said it was dilecious

Another noodels dish that i don’t remember it name … but i guess was good too ..

and i forgot the name of this juice also :S but it was so so good .. loved it alot .. it was mix of melon and lemon and i guess some seven up or mountain deo maybe … Dragon juice maybe ??

The Service was good, the prices were reasonable .. our bill was around 470 AED for (2x appetizers, 5x main courses, 3x soft drinks, 2x mocktails, 2x soup)

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