Budget handbags below 2500 AED

خلصنا من تحضيرات عيد الفطر .. و لازم نبدأ بتحضيرات عيد الأضحى .. و طبعا كالعادة عيد الأضحى المظلوم بالميزانية .. فإذا كنتي تدورين شنطة للعيد و بأسعار مناسبة بإمكانج تاخذين فكرة من الي بحطهم في هالبوست

we just celebrated Eid Alfitr and spent alot of money in all preperations, now we need to start prepare for Eid Aladha, and as usual for the second Eid the budget isn’t like the first one.. if you are looking for a nice budget handbag you might take an idea from this post.

Marc by Marc Jacob AED 2025 (click to buy)

Marc by Marc Jacob, AED 2350 (buy)

Michael by Michael kors , AED 1099 (buy)

Michael by Michael Kors, aprox AED 1000, Buy

yves saint laurent , arpox. AED2400 (buy)

Tory Burch, AED 1932, (buy)





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