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Seaworld [Dubai]


The best seafood resturant in Dubai .. we used to go there alot but since they changed the place we stopped going there .. but recently they brought it back to the same area .. Shaikh Zayed road, after mazaya center and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank .. near to Medcare hospital.

you have the variety of sea fruits to choose the way of cooking


you choose the way of cooking, fry , grill .. the sauce, garlic, butter lemon cheese … omg i’m already mouth watering lol


the selection of vegetable to choose


Tom yum soup .. Oh GOD ! so so yummy and spicy .. one of the best


we ordered a selection of tiger prawns, grilled with butter and cheese is the BEST !! you HAVE to try these yummy things , and fried with garlic sauce yummy too .. but the one with cheese are the best.

Squid sauteed with garlic sauce … this is soooo YUMMY too .. the herbs they use are out of the world !! i wish i can have a sneak on their kitchen </3






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