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Pamper and Spoil event by Rouge Couture [part 2]


One of the nice speakers was Dina Hashim the owner of Glamour 911 shop ..

photo criedet:

from left: Sara Almadani, Dina Hashim, Hadeer Solaiman

i will write an individual post about Glamour 911 next 😉

photo criedet:

photo criedet:

from left: Dr Khawla Almatrooshi – owner of Dallas medical center, Sara Almadani, Shenika De Livera from Natura bisse

(more details in individual post later)

حبيت اللوقو و التاق

loved the logo and the tag

on the other side .. there was a nails spa (NVilla) doing the ladies nails  في الجهة الأخرى كان في سبا أظافر يالسين يسوون للبنات الي حابات يسوون اظافرهن

N Villa, al Fisht Corniche, Sharjah, UAE
Tel | 06-5234884
Fax | 06-5234994
P.O.Box | 3732
Website |
 Email |
For Online booking |
photo criedet:

Namal Siddiqui representing

نمشي هو موقع تسوق الكتروني .. تتوفر فيه كل لوازم الاناقة من ملابس نسائية و رجالية و ملابس اطفال.. و ايضا جميع الاكسووارات كالأحذية و حقائب اليد ..يوجد حوالي 400 ماركة على الموقع, و تزداد كل اسبوع.. مثل غوتشي , دي كي ان واي.. رالف لورين و الكثير .. الجميل في الموقع انه الشحن مجاني , و هناك خاصية الدفع عند الاستلام بالاضافة الى امكانية ارجاع المنتج خلال 14 يوم

Namshi is an online stop shop for everyone’s fashion needs, be it women’s wear, men’s wear and children’s wear including accessories, shoes and bags. We boast about 400 plus brands on our website, and ever growing with additions every week. Our brands include Gucci, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Puma, Calvin Klein, Timberland, Ferrari, Diesel, Converse, House of Dereon by Beyonce (exclusively provided by Namshi to the Middle East), House of Harlow (Nicole Ritchie), Belle Noel (Kim Kardashian), Jessica Simpson shoes, Paris Hilton shoes, Ivana Trump, Haya’s Closet, Rabia Z. and many more. The range of our brands is diverse, from international brands, to local brands catering to people from every part of the world living in the Middle East. What really makes us unique is that we provide these brands at the best prices, with endless new collections and it’s all available to one from the comfort of their home. We also provide free shipment, cash on delivery and a return policy of 14 days.

 Our Goodie bag …  كيس الهدايا …
samples from Natura Bisse عينات من منتجات ناتورا بيسي

بروح لهم قريب ان شاء الله حق العيد
I think i’ll pay it a visit sometime soon in the preperation for Eid Alfitr

من فترة و انا ابغي اسوي فيشيال … شكله ياني ببلاش .. شكرا مركز دالاس ^_*

Iv been thinking about a Facial lately … now its a gift .. thanks Dallas center

15% off from Rouge cotour Abayas

20% off from N Villa خصم من ان فيلا

10% off from the closet خصم من ذا كلوزيت

100 AED Voucher from United Designer

شكرا جزيلا روج كوتور على الليلة المميزة …

Thanks Rouge cotoure for the stunning night .. it was a blast …





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