Chinese Restaurants

The noodels house {Emirates tower}

هالمطعم كان أفضل مطعم صيني عندي في دبي .. بس من يوم نقلوه من ستي سنتر دبي خلاص ما كلت فيه

This is used to be my favourite Chinese resturant in Dubai .. but since they moved it from Deira City Centre i didn’t go to it.. today when we finnished from Gulfood we went to the Emirates towers to eat in Noodels house …. yummyy i love chinese food

تختارون الاطباق الي تحبونها و تحطون علامة (صح) جدام الاختيارات

you tick the choosen dishes in the menu

appetizer : crystal shrips dumplings المقبلات : دامبلنغز ربيان

my FOREVER favourite soup .. Tom yum شوربتي المفضلة الى الابد توم يام

chicken green curry for my cousin .. she said its so yummy طبق بنت عمي .. دجاج كاري اخضر … تقول انه وايد لذيذ

my dish .. shanghai noodels with beef طبقي هو نودلز شانهاي مع اللحم

حبيييته i love it

and finally the lemon ice tea .. yummy

Bonne Apitite ❤

صحة و هنا

One comment

  1. Haha funny how i just finished eating from noodles house. Its singaporian not chinese as i know.. Their food used to be good but now its unfortunately awful! maybe cos they are so busy 😦 i should try another branch.

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