Bouchra Jarrar – Spring 2012 [my picks]


Born in Cannes to Moroccan parents, . In 1991, she enrolled at the école Supérieure des Arts Appliqués de Duperré in Paris. In 1996, Jarrar was appointed as Balmain’s Director of Studio, a post that she held until 2006 when she took up a job working alongside Christian Lacroix whose work she had admired for a long time. When the brand went bankrupt not long later, Jarrar decided that it was time to bite the bullet and launch her own fashion house. A year later, her debut collection was such a success, that Bouchra Jarrar well and truly established herself as a designer to watch. 

ولدت بشرى جرار في كان بفرنسا لوالدين مغربيين … و التحقت بمدرسة فنون شهيرة  في باريس.. في سنة 1996 التحقت بالعمل في دار بالمين كمديرة ستوديو لمدة 10 سنوات و من ثم عملت في دار كريستيان لاكروا لمدة سنة بعدما اعلنت الدار عن افلاسها قررت بشرى جرار ان تبدأ عملها الخاص و أطلقت دار الأزياء الخاص بها الذي يستحق المتابعة



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